My dear Mikah . . .

Its been almost a year now since I last wrote something. I am now a mommy to my baby boy. God is so Good.

I find it difficult to start writing since a lot of things has happened in the cattery. When I became pregnant, I was advised by my oby not to attend to the cats personally due to the parasitic disease called Toxoplasmosis. The parasite infects most genera of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Cats have been shown as a major reservoir of this infection. But I was constantly monitoring the welfare of the cats and dogs in the shelter through their caretakers.

When I gave birth last July, i gave myself one month to recuperate. last September, I was telling my husband that I am ready to visit the shelter and that I miss the cats terribly. Thats when he decided to drop the bomb. That my most beloved queen of the cattery, Mikah, died when I was just 6 months pregnant. I had a very complicated pregnancy that they decided not to tell me.

I was heartbroken of course. During the first 4 months of my pregnancy, I always dream of her. I was looking forward to the day when I can see her, and hold her again.

I never thought that day would never come again.

Until today, I haven’t had the courage to visit the shelter.

To my dear mikah girl. I am so sorry baby. Mommy feels guilty. I should have taken extra care of you. I miss you so much.

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all!

Wow, my last post was September 22nd and it wasn’t even about creatures or the like.  Anyways, I have been busy (trying to make a living) the latter part of last year.  Then, last November, just when my husband and I were about to adopt a child, God blessed us with one.

Yes, I’m pregnant but I have subchorionic hemorrhage so I have to take it easy.  Also, because of my pregnancy and knowing how hard it is for us to conceive, I distanced myself from my cats and dogs.

Having sick or dead cats depress me a lot so my husband  takes care of them (sort of) in the meantime.  Obviously depression will impact the health of my unborn child.

2008 Philippine Blog Awards

Best Blog CommentaryWe won “Best Commentary Blog” in the recently concluded 2008 Philippine Blog Awards.  Yey!

The Philippine Blog Awards describe Best Commentary Blog as:

Commentary (Social, Political, Science & History)
This blog focuses on the commentary and expository blogs. These are not only blogs that talk but discuss. The topic they covered a variety of topics from Social, Political, Historical and even Scientific posts.

We would like to thank all who supported this blog. To the organizers who, I’m sure, worked so hard to make the whole endeavor possible.  To the judges, who obviously found something special in this blog.  To the readers, who make all these writings worth our while. And most especially, to God, who never ceases to touch our lives.

We also would like to thank our offline supporters – Animal Welfare Coalition, Bob Martin and Family, and all the volunteers who visited our private shelter (sorry, we really need to update our donors’ list).

To tell you the truth, we (my cats, family and I) never expected to win.  We just wanted to be heard.

do-re-mi puppies

Can you count how many dogs there are in the picture?  We actually have 11 new puppies (and they’re not for sale).  Click on the picture to view a larger image.