Kitten with a big hole on her stomach!

image619.jpg Landi, before the operation.

Me and my officemates are about to have lunch in an eatery located in an open area at the back of our store. The food looks delicious and as I was about to partake, this kitten came up to us and started meowing. I thought, Why, oh why me? I always seem to be in the same places as these kittens. They seem to know who I am. Am i becoming a kitten magnet? (Don’t get me wrong, I am not really complaining. I’m just being melodramatic. hahaha). I lost my appetite (But It wasn’t so bad really, maybe it was God’s answer to my prayer – that He help me lose weight).

Since I still have some work to do, I requested our driver to please take the kitten to the shelter. I called up the shelter caretaker and she informed me that a kitten has a hole in the stomach. I asked her, how big? she answered, just as big as a nail hole. I said, ok, no need to worry, its not that big. Maybe its just a scratch. I told her to put some betadine antiseptic on the wound. After office, I went to the shelter to check on the new kitten, and guess what i saw. The kitten indeed has a hole on the left side of its stomach, but definitely not as small as a nail hole, but as big as a one centavo cent! I can definitely see some of her organs. I asked the caretaker, “I thought u said as big as a nail hole?”, and she answered, “yes, as big as a VERY BIG NAIL HOLE”. Oh my gosh, I almost fainted. I immediately told the driver to bring the kitten to the vet. The vet immediately operated on the kitten since her wound is already infected. (Thank God for our vet who charged us only 500 pesos or $12 for the operation).

The kitten is now back in the shelter. She is still under observation for fear that the infection has spread, but so far so good. She is eating although she is still on a soft diet. We are also giving her antibiotics-1ml/3x/day. This kitty is definitely a fighter. Just one day after her operation, she is already very active and wants to get out of her cage and roam around the area.

Oh, what an experience. But its ok, no harm done, the little kitty is doing fine. But I Will definitely have to memo the caretakers on the difference between a small hole and a big hole (just kidding).

By the way, we named the cat Landi (Named after our driver, Lando, who was kind enough to assist us in rescuing the kitten and bringing her to the vet).

image622.jpg See stitches on the left side of her stomach.

image629.jpg Landi, a day after the operation.


  • Jane

    April 16, 2008

    Another little darling saved! She must feel so much better with that hole fixed. I hope Landl continues to do well.

  • Cons

    April 17, 2008

    Its a sad day for Creature Lover shelter. Landi crossed over to the rainbow bridge just this afternoon. The infection has spread to her other organs. Its was too late when we rescued her.

    She passed away peacefully, in the comforts of her warm soft bed. Surrounded by people who loved and cared for her. I just hope that somehow we were able to make up for man’s cruelty.

    Sleep tight brave girl.

  • jane

    April 18, 2008

    I’m so sorry that little Landl did not make it, you did all you could to save her and be assured that it was better for her to pass away surrounded by care and love and to be out of pain, than if she had been left on the street.

    What you do to help these cats is wonderful. I know from experience that cat rescue can be both very rewarding and extremely distressing. My Grandmother used to say that one act of kindness balances two of cruelty. She was right.

    Best wishes to all of you at Creature Lover Shelter.

  • Cons

    April 18, 2008

    Thank you very much for the comforting words jane.

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  • nick

    July 29, 2008

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